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Hole Pattern for Dowels

Question asked by Ryan Gaudreau on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by Ryan Gaudreau

Hello everyone, 


Does anyone know of a good method to automatically place dowel holes along an edge?  For example the standards we use are 3 dowels per edge face, having one in the center and then the other ones 2" from the edge on either side. I would like to have this automated by selecting the edge face, running the macro, and having the holes made. So far I've just been trying to record a macro and seeing what happens.  Problems with this seem to come up as coordinate systems may be different per selected face so the direction of the holes changes, and sketches aren't fully constrained.  


I'm not an expert on API, but it seems like the steps should be as follows...

1.  Select face

2.  Draw a line connecting the midpoints between the two shortest edges.  

3.  Draw a circle on the midpoint of that line, and two more circles 2" from the ends of line

4.  Extruded cut


How feasible/easy should this be to achieve for a novice at API?