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Sheet Metal Parts in Simulation Not Working Anymore

Question asked by Mike Lowinske on Apr 3, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2009 by Ameer Chilakala

I have a model consisting of some sheet metal, some surfaces, and some regular solid parts. In my static and frequency analyses cosmos will mesh those sheet metal parts and surfaces as shells (which is desirable) and of course the other solid parts as a solid mesh.

Trying to do a linear dynamic analysis of the model now, however, cosmos will no longer treat those sheet metal parts with a shell mesh and it wants to mesh them as a solid, which of course I don't want because I can't get enough elements across the thickness to make the results accurate without cosmos generating nearly a million elements which takes too long. If I right click on the sheet metal part in the parts list it gives me a "Treat as sheet metal" option, but selecting it does nothing. Can anyone tell me why I cannot use a shell mesh like normal on those sheet metal parts in the dynamic analysis?

PS I using SW2009 SP0