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Change behavior of "Convert Entities"

Question asked by Steve Barrett on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Steve Barrett

If I'm modeling top down in an assembly and I create a part, choose a surface on another part as my sketch plane and then convert the surface entities, two things will happen. I'll get the "InPlace" constraint on the part I'm modeling and the sketch features will have external references. 


Is there a way to get rid of both of these through system options or any other means? Basically I'd like for the "InPlace" constraint to not ever be created if i model like this and I also for the sketch features to not reference the other part I'm borrowing geometry from. For example, if i click convert entities and the sketch feature project on the plane as "Fixed" geometry instead of externally reference geometry. Or hell, even project as completely unconstrained geometry. Either one would be better than having to go back and remove the external reference.