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The "standard" toolbar always shows up when opening old documents since upgrading to 2019

Question asked by Ben Blick on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Jim Wilkinson

Since upgrading to 2019 and kinda using the double screen feature now it keeps showing this toolbar everytime i open a new document that hasn't been opening in 2019, how do i get this to stop showing it.


Also is there a way to always having the same "view" setting in every document so that i don't have to move the feature manager and move it down to show configurations etc.


yes i know my placement of everything is way different than most, but i would give it a try. there is so many benefits to have the property manager always open and on the right side. for instance if you click on a part in assembly it show all the mates in it so that you don't have to go into each part and view the mates. Also you have more room to read things in menus. Anyway, i also tried the command manager on the second screen just recently. I'm giving it a try and not sure i like it or not.