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"If" equations are defying logic.

Question asked by Antti Saari on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Antti Saari

I have a part that has features controlled by a variable named C, which is always a whole number (no decimals). I am using "if" equations to suppress or unsuppress features as follows:


=IIF( "C" = 3, "unsuppressed" , "suppressed" )


Which means that the feature will be visible only when C is 3, and suppressed in any other situation. And it works fine when C is 3. But another feature controlled by the following equation


=IIF( "C" = 2, "unsuppressed" , "suppressed" )

still remains suppressed. I have double- and triple checked that the feature in question is in no ways linked to other suppressed feature(s). Using <= or >= instead of = makes it work, but causes problems when C is anything else than 2.