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Code that changes a date whenever there is a change in the Wiring Diagram.

Question asked by Facecontrol Automacao on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by Daniel Myers

Hello everyone. In my forms, I use the code #PROJECT_MODIFICATION_DATE, so that the date that appears there is changed to the current date that some item in my schema is modified / moved / deleted .... But the code has only served if I modify information in the document / book properties. That is, if I update my schema now, anyway, the code will not change the date to that of today. It will only change if I go on the properties and write or delete something. So I think I'm using the wrong code for what I need. Could you help me find the right code for the date to be modified whenever I modify something in my schema? I want to do something where the date of creation of the project appears and the last modification of the project.