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Toolbox change from configurations to parts?

Question asked by Thomas Lamont on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Dan Golthing



I'm trying to resolve toolbox issues.  

The current setup is that the toolbox is in SW 2016 PDM Standard and generates configurations.  All users are set to refresh the cache of the toolbox on login and all are set to always use latest versions of files.  This was moved into PDM from a file server location to try and get better control and prevent random edits.  Since moving toolbox into PDM there have been various errors usually manifesting as fasteners changing sizes apparently at random.


One possible solution I can see is to change the toolbox from generating configurations to generating parts.  This is based on the idea that PDM will manage the parts more effectively.


What will happen if I change from configurations to parts in the toolbox settings? 

What will happen to the fasteners already in assemblies which refer to configurations?  


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.