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Export multi-body/sheet metal parts few configuratin to .dxf

Question asked by Paweł Bok on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by Sylwester Kowalski

Hi guys,

i know that there are hundrets of such macros but i tried them all and no one want to export for example 4- body/sheet part to 4 .dxf files. Many configuration is in theory easy becouse #task have this option. Export flat pattern in this app give me only one .dxf file from one sheet.

I can have bend lines, but they must be green, becouse after all i convert .dxf to .geo and green lines are only in file, laser dosn't cut them.

The name should be thickness_title_cofnfigname_sheetname- 1,5_s235_test_10_leftpart etc.


Solid works 2019 v.0