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Making Custom Electrical Table

Question asked by S. M. Abu Kasif on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by S. M. Abu Kasif

Hi All,
I am working on making manufacturing drawings for Cables using SW Premium Version 2018. I am mostly working on DWGs for cables and harnesses. I am using the "Create from FROM-TO List" feature to create these cables. After I Flatten the route for these cables, it automatically generates connector tables with the fields: PIN, Wire Name and Color for each of the connectors. I know how I can create custom table templates for Electrical Table.




My Question is:

What is the Description Field linked to when we try to change Column Property for ROUTE PROPERTY in the connector table template?


When I set the field to description, all the cells appear empty. Following are the things I tried doing so far:


My assumption was that it would be linked to the "Description" field of the "Core" list in the "Cable library Wizard". However, that is not that case because I tried adding a new field to the core list and adding the corresponding description. Then I created a completely new harness using the new wire info. and made a cable DWG for it using flatten route. I couldn't successfully customize the connector table with the new description information I added.


I tried adding the "Description" field in 'Additional Properties' of the 'Edit Wires' feature. This meant I had to have this info. in my from-to list. All corresponding "Description" info was added to each route. However, again I couldn't successfully customize the connector table.