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ProE convert needs help!

Question asked by Brian Kurn on Apr 3, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2009 by Mark Matthews
I've had SolidWorks about 2 weeks and I love it - with some exceptions. I'm sure you guys can remedy that situation.

I'm trying to create an editable model of a 4-valve exhaust port that will be used for CNC machining. I have surfaces of a hand-ported head that I've imported and copied using 2 boundary surfaces. I tried using lofts but I was unable to achieve smooth surfaces. Here's what I did:

1. Imported surface
2. Built centerline curves through ports using 3D sketch
3. Created points along those curves and created planes normal to curve
4. Used Intersection Curve command to create chains for reference
(The imported surfaces were made up of many small patches and the intersection curves wound up with multiple points per chain - not always the same number of points per chain)
5. Used Fit Spline command to create splines that I can use for loft or boundary
6. Created both boundary surfaces, trimmed overlapping surfaces and knitted together

What I wound up with is a surface that desperately needs a more uniform divider between the ports! The surface looks terrible and the divider has some unwanted curvature.

How can I fix this? Better yet, How can I model this geometry more efficiently in SWx 2009? How would you SolidWorks Jedis do this? In the future I'll be creating the surfaces from scratch.

Thanks for the help! I am a big believer in forums and this one is a very impressive community. You'll see me here often!