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Import parasolid of printed circuit board

Question asked by Phil Rivaldo on May 8, 2019



I am importing a Parasolid generated from Altium software generated from a PCB designer of a printed circuit board. When I open it, it defaults as a soldiworks assembly. My problem is when I try to do a clearance verification of the PCB against its mating parts it only sees the places where it is coincident to its mated parts as being less that the specified value of .020".

One piece of info is that I have to save the part as a .slpdrt part. I have tried different options when saving it(all components, face, keep geometry etc.). And I get the issue above where the clearance report is not accurate.

If I save the imported Parasolid as a .sldasm assembly it does see the clearance issues, except that now it is also checking all of the components of the PCB against each other(up to 1000 instances).

I just want to check the PCB as a component against its mating parts. I tried to check "treat subassemblies as parts" option and that still happens. We also don't want to have to save all the components of the PCB as separate .sldprt parts(just have the whole board be a 3d solid).

Is there something anyone knows of what should happen when the export is made to Parasolid, or if something needs to be done with settings when importing? Is there something detailed need to be done when saving the original imported assembly as a part? I am on Solidworks 2019 SP2.0