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PDM Enterprise Training Material and Courses

Question asked by Jason Hogue on May 7, 2019

This is crazy.  There are so many courses for all facets of Solidworks except the package that pulls it all together, PDM Enterprise.  I have read (quite a few times) the Admin guide which is quite good at getting you going.  I have undertaken an online PDM Administrator course which was pretty similar to the Admin guide but with a few extra bits of knowledge which were quite valuable.  I would now like to take this further but there doesn't seem to be any additional resources available.  My VAR is looking into this for me, but nothing so far.

I am looking for:

- online courses

- books

- guides

There is a bit out there but most of it seems to be mainly papers on what the software can do for you, not how you actually do it.  The forums are awesome for getting answers to specific questions but I would like more info on best practice and configuring PDM so that I can ask more specific questions, than general "how do you do this" questions.


I have looked at Matt Lombard's SW Admin Bible from 2009 but was wondering how relevant it is now that it is 10 years old.  Also as it is out of print, it is now $700 - $1500 per copy to buy.


I would like to hear from anyone who has any recommendations re the above.


Thanks in advance.