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Top down assembly, making copies...

Question asked by Lee Kiefer on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Lee Kiefer

I have an assembly I made from scratch using all top down modeling techniques. All of the assemblies and parts in this top down assembly are virtual so there are no external assemblies or parts. They are all contained as virtual components inside of the main assembly.


Now that the model is done, and the driving sketches successfully update the model when altered, I am ready to use this as a master model however Solidworks will not allow this. When I open the assembly and try to "save as" into a different folder I get the following message. The thing to keep in mind is this is a brand new assembly having no external links to other folders, assy's or parts. Everything is virtual (self contained inside of this assembly)


I turned this over to my Var last week and it seems to have everyone stumped so I thought I would turn this over to the Forum for help.


Last thing to note, is when I cancel the message below and just copy the file to the new folder, this seems to have broken the links to my driving sketches. I say that because in this "copy" I made, when I modify dimensions in the driving sketches, the model will no longer update. However, updating those dimensions in the original model does in fact update the model as it should.




Also note that although it states that I should select "References" in the save as dialogue box, there is no references button or box to select in the save as box. 9See below, no references to select)