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Keyboard Shortcut Help

Question asked by Evan Lockard on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Evan Lockard

I'm trying to set a keyboard shortcut, but the key I selected doesn't show up when I try and add it as a shortcut.  I'm thinking it might be a driver issue?  The keyboard I'm using is a Corsair K55, and I'm trying to utilize one of the 6 "macro" keys to make as a shortcut.  Essentially, I want to be able to hit one of these keys and have a new sketch go to one of the planes (I'd like this to work for each of the planes), and start a simple rectangle.  I know it's only a few mouse clicks, but this would shave time off every sketch I need to make as the majority of my sketches begin with simple rectangles.  I know I can go and create a new macro, but the issue of the key not being recognized by solidworks is the biggest issue here.  Thanks for you help!