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Model only partially rebuilds when changing configuration, having to rebuild manually.

Question asked by Olle N. on May 5, 2019

Hi all,


I am having an issue with model rebuild when using design tables. The model only partally rebuilds when changing the configuration an I am having to hit rebuild manually to get the full updated geometry. The problem does not always occur but is most common when going between two specific configurations.


The model is the start to a paramteric aircraft which I am trying to make scalable using design tables. This is the basic model in a configuration scaled up 10% form the reference size



when going back to the reference configuration some dimentions does not update and the model fails


but after pressing rebuild once it updates as it should.



Has anyone experinced similar issues? I will attach my model if anyone would want to have a look otherwise generall suggestions are welcome.





Ps. the pilot will get seated properly as soon as I have fixed this issue!