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Stand Alone Workstation vs. Server for Simulation

Question asked by 1-IUFH3H on Apr 2, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2009 by Bill McEachern
We are upgrading our SWX package to include Simulation. Is it best to go with a stand alone workstation or a dedicated server for the Simulation application? We have had mixed recommendations.

IT recommends a server so that they can support us in engineering.

*They can also shoot the RAM on the server much higher than the PC that we are specing out (up to 64 GB).
*We can have multiple users work from the server and have studies run simultaneously.
*may not need high end GPU since it is mostly RAM dependent.


*will only be for simulation and not act as a modeling station.
*IT is involved.....

Engineering is leaning towards Stand Alone.

*Will also act as a SWX modeling station
*no IT clutter
*Engineering will be Admin


*one user at a time
*may bog down SWX performance when running Simulation simultaneously

We are looking at the Dell T7400
dual Quad Xeon 3.0 Ghz
XP 64
nVidia Quadro FX4800
RAID 2x 160 GB 10K HDD

We will run small assemblies (10 parts or so max.) and run mold analysis.

Any Ideas??