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How to activate and use the old "3D Instant Website" for creating web pages from SWX?

Question asked by Luca Reggiani on May 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Luca Reggiani

Hello, browsing I came back to mind that in 2011, Swx gave the possibility to easily and quickly create html pages directly from parts and assemblies; with the advent of paid Composer they completely disappeared so much that now on the net and on the tube there is no documentation ... a strange thing to tell the truth because, if you go under ADD (swx16) you will still find the 2 checkboxes for 3D Instant Website, as if it were still possible to activate and use it (although in the help has disappeared every indication from 2012 onwards ...) pity that attempting activation, the message appears


sldwebpub.dll missing ... and not starting anything


I would love to be able to reuse it, even at the cost of having to reinstall the ver 2011, even prefer to be able to solve and use it on my current 2016 version ...


Suggestions, help, links, .dll, ... will be welcome