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how to completely get rid of body geometry after creating midsurfaces

Question asked by Ryan Delacourt on May 3, 2019

Hi all,

I have modelled up a chassis on SW (solid bodies from weldments) and want to run it through a crash simulation using an explicit dynamics solver. had a lot of problems with the geometry importing upon importing it into both ANSYS as well as ABAQUS. Because of this i decide to create a midsurface of the chassis structure using the "offset" feature within surfaces.


i highlight the faces i do not want and delete accordingly leaving me with the faces grouped in a "body-delete/keep" folder within the library tree. I understand that is only suppressing the faces as opposed to deleting but i assumed that i would have been prompted or something upon import of the part in regards to whether or not I want to include the suppressed geometryin the study. (I am saving the file as a STP file).


is there a function available to rid these surfaces or do i ned to save te file in a different file type.


As always, thank you in advance,