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      Is it possible to round a dimension to the nearest 1/2 degree?

      I know that I can limit it to 1 decimal but our saw is in 1/2 degree increments so I'm trying to eliminate the need for the saw operator to think.
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          Eddie Cyganik
          So you are saying that you need to be accurate to ½° but your saw operator does not know what .5 is?
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              Not quite. What I am asking it if my model calls for 22.3, I want it to round to 22.5.

              The thing is that what I am talking about doing this for are structural members that get built by a fabricator with a tape measure, so asking them to cut the tube to 0.1 degrees is pointless, when he measures to 1/32", and 0.5 degrees.

              This question is part of a standard that we are trying to develop where for things that are built in this manner we round off the dimensions to 1/32" so that the fabricator doesn't have to do the convertion. Taking the conversion step our of their hands just reduces one more chance of error.

              Our current operator is actually quite good and will round them off himself, but the actual job requirements are not very high so in the future it could be a problem.