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How to find drawings for the 2nd or 3rd configured parts?

Question asked by Klaus Pagels on May 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by Glenn Schroeder

When I making a drawing form a part I go to “File” and click on “Make Drawing from Part” and I make my drawing. When adding a 2nd or 3rd configuration to an existing part that has already a drawing and I make my 2nd configuration current and want to make a drawing a pop-up window opens saying “there is a drawing with the same name as the model. Do you want to open this file?” … this refers back to the default part I made.

So when opening a part and I do not know if a drawing exists for the 2nd or 3rd configuration the pop-up window tells only that there is already a drawing for the (default) part. But it is not telling if there is a drawing for the 2nd or 3rd configuration.

This might ending up that more than one drawing can be created for the 2nd or 3rd configuration because that is no cross reference telling that a drawing already exists.

How can I avoid making new drawings? Is there something maybe a procedure the makes me aware that a drawing exists for other configured parts?