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Question asked by Matt Juric on May 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Matt Juric

I think I have a method to get our custom properties entered pretty well nailed down...but of course I've moved onto the improvement stage. Couple questions below.


1)Is there a way to "Automagically" rename the cut list items? Our naming convention has each of the parts of a weldment having their own part number. I have a method for creating this part number from data in the model that consists of the "File Name" + the "Cut list Item Name". What I would like to do is have all the cut list items "Renamed" as -01, -02, -03 and so on. Suggestions?


2) Is there a way to not have the input from the custom tab builder interfere/over write etc the properties already existing in the cut list items? My goal here is this. I would like to have the option to add ALL the properties I want via the custom tab. The reason I would like this is because if someone creates a part and then decides "Hmm this should be a weldment" they do not have the benefit of all those parts having the custom properties propagated from the "Weldment Feature" properties. It would be nice to be able to add them all via the Custom properties tab". The problem with this however is that, for whatever reason, "SW-" callouts do not work from the custom tab builder. So if I start a new weldment and the cust list items have all the propogated properties and then I open the Custom tab builder with the same properties it destroys the properties in the cust list item.


For example. A part in a new weldment has "SW-Width" propagated to the cut list item. It is shown as "WIDTH" "SW-Width" and evaluates to 2.00. If I now open the custom tab builder and it also has "WIDTH" it blows up the "SW-Width" and puts in 2.00. Obviously it will not update after that point if something is changed.


Sorry that is so long but I'm not sure I could have said it in fewer words.