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    Are fillets included or removed?

    Kevin De Smet
      I was wondering if fillets are removed or kept for flow simulations, I've read of strength simulations being done without dress up features such as fillets.

      Somehow I think they're going to be very important in determining how the material flows so I'm going to want to include them, but am I correct on this?

      The simulations are to be done with hot aluminium through a mould.
        • Are fillets included or removed?
          Satish Potineni
          Strength simulations are done with Cosmosworks (FEA). FEA needs defeaturing as
          1. It saves time in meshing. FEA software meshes the model.
          2. The fillets and chamfers won't have much affect on the results in some locations of the model. At the same time, you should not be removing everything. You need to judge which ones are important otherwise you will get singular results which is not correct.

          When it comes to Flow simulation, it will mesh the model both the fluid region and also the solid region. It will still mesh even if you have some geometry errors in the model. Suggest you keep the fillets as flow doesn't like turning 90° etc. It is better if you have smooth transition.