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why is this "normal" cut producing multiple bodies?

Question asked by perry leets on May 2, 2019
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I created a form tool for an aircraft bulkhead.

When I apply it to a piece of sheet metal it looks just fine, however when I cut away the remaining piece of the sheet it leaves my bulkhead, but also leaves a small sliver which you can see in the picture (on the outer edge only. Now when I am making the cut SW does ask which bodies to keep and if I select just body #1 there is no extra remnants, but if I just click ok the extra sliver is left. It's no problem to select bodies, but I am wondering why there are multiple bodies to select in the first place. The stop face on the form tool is planar and coincident to the face of the sheet metal of course. There is some variable draft on the part.

Can any of you guru's tell me if this is normal, or have I done something wrong in the construction of the form tool?

I have attached the form tool and a part that it is applied to. There is on unconsumed sketch and if you extrude cut it, linked to material thickness it will leave the sliver if you don't select bodies.

Thanks !