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Solidworks Plastics vs. Moldflow

Question asked by D. Russell on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Brian Brazeau

Im doing a technical Comparison between Moldflow & Solidworks Plastics for injection moulding and need to critically evaluate the use of Moldflow against Solidworks plastics.


however, for fill times, average temperatures, pressures, shrinkage etc. all my results are quite similar +- 10%.


therefore i need to know which has the better mathematical solver that is closer to real life production?


which software is the industry leader, and is there any sources to support the claim?


are there any limitations with either software? other than the obvious advantages SW plastics has of operating within a single environment & the import/export issues with MF


which software has more functions/features/flexibility?


obviously this is down to application, but the aim is to ensure a mould tool can be made for a part first time without issue and according to specification.