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Show thumbnail graphics in explorer not working

Question asked by Lee Kiefer on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Lee Kiefer

In windows file explorer, no matter my setting in SolidWorks options, will only display thumbnail graphics instead of the SolidWorks icons for part, drawing ans assembly.

I have attached these snips to show my current settings.



SolidWorks option setting showing I have "shoe thumbnail graphics unchecked so it should be showing icons in windows file explorer.




Windows explorer, despite the setting above still shows thumbnail graphics.



Windows explorer thumbnail settings.

If I check this box in windows explorer options, the Icons will show instead of the thumbnail graphics, BUT the preview window in file explorer will now only show the icons, no preview image.




Finally, the last item to show is that the SolidWorks files are set to always open using SolidWorks launcher.