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Save Bodies Parts Out of Position

Question asked by Doug Schaefer on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Doug Schaefer

I've created a multibody part and used the save bodies command to split the bodies out into parts. My assembly rebuilds OK and the parts seems to still be linked to the master. However, some of them are out of position. In particular, these are multiple instances of the same part that SW recognized as the same when saving the bodies. In this image, the part circled in red is properly positioned, the other three are not.




The last change I made did move that mating surface up, evidently only one of the four blocks got the memo. Actually, the surface moved 1.5", they are off 3". (EDIT: Actually, moving that surface back down the 1.5" puts all the blocks back in position. So, I moved the main panel up 1.5"and SW seems to have moved those blocks down 1.5" making them 3" out of position.


If I go into the master part and edit the save bodies feature, SW tells me that it can't find any of the parts and it is looking for the default part names, not the names I gave them. Once I say no to finding each one, the command then has no parts saved out. I have to cancel the command or it seems I'll break all the parts.


Aside from creating mates for all of these to position them properly, how can I get them to go to their correct positions?