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Bend radius fell outside bend table

Question asked by Mike Damisch on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by Mike Damisch

I'm trying to set up a gauge table for our aluminum bending, but receive an error whenever I flatten the part. I have attached the gauge table being used as well as before/after pictures of the part showing the sheet metal feature setup as well as the flattened problem.


The error I'm receiving:

"The radius of this bend fell outside the bend allowance/deduction table. The bend allowance/deduction is evaluated using the K factor instead."


As is shown in the attachments, the bend radius in the excel sheet exactly matches the value shown when setting up the sheet metal feature. The Excel uses 2-digit precision for the bend radii.


I tried to follow the gauge table format shown on the SolidWorks help page.


Does anyone know what might be happening?