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Getting the correct Evaluated property from "SW-" commands.

Question asked by Matt Juric on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Matt Juric

I'm attempting to get some properties into cut list items in a less painful, I.E. not entirely manually, method.


One example. On our Weldment BOM's each part has a part number. That part number is "Filename"+"CutListItemName". Cut list item will match the order of the BOM so that item one will also be cut list item name.


I used Tab Builder to create a custom properties list to enter information. That seems to work just fine. However the information I put in remains "Text" in the actual cut list item. For instance. If I go into a cut list item and type $PRP:"SW-File Name""SW-CutListItemName" it does exactly what I want, it concatenate's the current part file name and the current cut list item name. However if I have this exact thing in the tab builder it gets put in the proper place but evaluates as the text version of this.


As an example. Let's say my part name is ABC and the cut list item is 123. If I manually enter $PRP:"SW-File Name""SW-CutListItemName" in Value/Text Expression column it would have ABC123 under the Evaluated Value column. If I put it in the tab builder it shows up in the Value/Text Expression properly but is listed as $PRP:"SW-File Name""SW-CutListItemName" in the Evaluated Value Column. Sometimes it ends up looking like this ABC"SW-CutListItemName", the file name evaluates properly.


This is the case for pretty much all the "SW" Call outs I'm using.


I know the Syntax is correct because I can go into the properties of the cut list item and add a space before the end of the last " and it evaluates properly. It also evaluates properly if I manually type it in.


My question is, is there anyway around this? Can it be forced to evaluate. Is there some other "Super Secret Sauce" that I can use to accomplish this?


Thanks all