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Design table- no dimensions added with predefined configurations

Question asked by Hristo Topalov on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by Rob Edwards

Hello, I'm dealing with problem which I can't solve by myself.

I've created simple part with few configurations (no matter how many... I'm just trying to illustrate the problem) and I want to create a design table with all dimensions available. When I go to Insert-Tables-Design table and use the standart options (auto -create) as shown 1.JPG

the only parameters which are shown in the table are description, color, state and so on.... (no dimensions and no option to choose which dimensions I can add to the table) and this happens to all of the parts I've tried to do so, not only this one....


I've seen at least 10 videos on youtube, tutorials and etc and nobody had problem like mine.....Am I doing something wrong?

Ohhhh forgot to say that if I created the design table in first place with only default configuration then everything works fine.

Any idea?