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Solidworks Subscription Expired, am I no longer entitled to PDM Standard?

Question asked by Christian Purnell on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by Andrew Schutte


A quick question for those VAR's out there, or those who are off subscription but still use PDM Standard.

We have multiple licenses of SW Premium and Professional here, but the subscription has lapsed as we only need SW2016 (it interfaces to CAM software of the same year).

We decided to put PDM Standard into place this year as it is "included" with our licenses. However our Australian VAR is adamant that they will only activate the license when we are on active subscription. So to clarify, we have valid serial numbers for Premium, Professional, and Standard PDM but the VAR refuses to activate the 2016 PDM serial.

Is this the way that Solidworks VAR's operate everywhere?


Also a hypothetical, if in 2016 we had chosen to activate the Standard PDM license would it still be active today, or would they stop access when we went off subscription?


Further to this here are some links stating that Standard PDM is included:

3rd paragraph from the bottom.


and more recently:


Any light you can shed on this is helpful, I highly doubt my management team will pay a backdated subscription for 3 years just to get PDM Standard when we will stay on 2016 for the time being anyway (CAM software).