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SolidWorks 2019 External References fail

Question asked by Martin Pelletier on Apr 29, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by Tommy Tian


I work and teach a method since SolidWorks 2013 that consist to use a single and representative part and use topDown method by creating a new part in context of assembly and making an Offset Surface function at 0 and convert it to Sheetmetal.


You know, if the first part or "Envelope" change, all parts is updating.

If I uncheck "Envelope" it look a littlebit more stable, but not that much.


So, since SolidWorks 2019, this method makes errors. The surface allways losting his references.

If I open the part, my SolidWorks seeting open the external reference in the background. But if I open the Drawing, nothing is loaded causing errors.

If I open the part, and the assembly and I close the assembly, the part lost his references.

If I try to break the references, the surface ID change, and all my parent's function fail.

I never saw this mess in any previous SolidWorks.

So what is happening? Somebody understand and/or experienced the same issue?



Martin Pelletier