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Is there a way to edit callout variables?

Question asked by Mike Childers on Apr 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Josh Brady

Is there a way to edit callout variables?  This information must be stored somewhere.  I understand how to edit calloutformat, but I can't change what the variables return.   For example, it would be nice to change thread class <hw-threadclass> callout from " - 2B" to just "2B".  If we want " - " we can add that in calloutformat, but we can't take away the dash there.  Ex: <hw-fsttyp>:  for helical inserts it returns, "INSERT = 1.0 * DIA".  I would like it to just say "X 1D".  It would have been nice for them just to return "1.0", then we could have added any extra text we wanted in calloutformat, but there is no way to "take away" information from what it returns.


Is there a way to edit the text around what value these variables return?  It has to be storing this info somewhere.


Would be nice to change the appearance of these callout variables similar to how we can change the overall dimension text using calloutformat.