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Routing - Weld Gap causing issues

Question asked by Peter Kennedy on Apr 30, 2019

I'm having issues when I try to use Weld Gap in my routing assemblies. I never really used them before however I'm trying to match my fabricators which use gaps when manufacturing.


The problem I have is I set the weld gap before I start my route in the routing properties:

I'll make my route and there is times I have two fittings one after each other, Elbow to a Nipple. Before for my piping section I would just use 0.0001", now I use 0.0938" to account for the weld gap.


The problem I run into is it then changes my elbow to either piping (removes the elbow from the assembly) or lets me re-select my elbow but then mentioned there is an error with my route. Edit route, everything is fine exit, need to select the elbow again.


I've never ran into these issues prior using weld gaps.


Has anyone else ran into this issue? I know you can add the weld gap after routing, would this be a better route?


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