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Phase Changing Simulation and Thermal Expansion

Question asked by Bohyung Kim on Apr 30, 2019

Hi all,


I have several questions in terms of thermal simulation, as well as multiphysics.


So the purpose is that I try to model and simulate paraffin wax responded linear actuator. Some of the problems I encountered are I am not sure if Solidworks has a capability of simulating phase changing so how much expansion is happened by Phase Change Material such as Paraffin Wax.


Since there is no list of paraffin wax in the material library in solidworks, I referred the properties of materials of paraffin wax and after then customized it with Linear Elastic Isotropic model type. Afterwards, throughout the process of thermal simulation and static simulation combination, I was able to have some expansion outcomes. But it is uncertain that if those values are from phase changing expansion or by simply the expansion from solid to solid state.


So the questions are

First, is solidworks able to simulate phase changing of wax expansion?

Second, is solidworks able to simulate a time dependent wax expansion rate dependent on the heat?


Thanks for watching this!