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(DublTap Help) Utility to prevent accidental F1 (Help) press. Two F1 required for an F1.

Question asked by Kevin Chandler on Apr 30, 2019



I occasionally (& with increasing frequency) hit F1 by mistake and have to close the help I've opened.

Since I don't use F1 for help too often, I wrote the attached utility that requires two F1 presses in a row to get a normal F1.

Just tap-tap (DublTap) F1 for an F1. (Actually, it's >1 so 2, 3, 4... get an F1.)

One F1 press does nothing.


This utility makes no distinctions on software.

While running, F1 is intercepted. If you don't hit F1 again within 250 milliseconds, nothing happens. If you do, you get an F1.

The 1/4 second doesn't sound like much time, but the timer begins on first press. So the 1/4 second is for the second press.


No settings.

No install: Copy the exe within the attached zip file to a folder of choice.

No mods to your computer are made.

Don't want it anymore, delete the exe.


On startup, you'll see this dialog

While running, right click the No F1 icon in the lower right of your TV

and select one of these options:

Suspend disables this utility without stopping it.

Pause does nothing.