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I need want a part to push another when it hits it. How can i do that without going into motion manager stuff?

Question asked by Mukarram Khan on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Erik Bilello

It is a five bar mechanism and is hinged at two positions (the circles in red components). The light greenish/light blue bar comes down and i want it to push the roller. so that the link in dark blue rotates about the hinge at the red component, pulling up link yellow. now link yellow pulls up link pink, dragging it inwards (towards right), which is hinged at circle of smaller red component. Now afterwards I want the light greenish/blue bar to go up and dark blue bar should come to original position as shown in pic 1, due to high load on left side of the component.I have tried using the limit distance mate between the roller and the light greenish blue bar as it gets to its minimum distance as shown in pic 4, it pushes the roller down, means the downstroke is ok , but in its(the light greenish blue bar) upstroke, the roller down not move an inch as the increased distance between the light greenish blue bar and the roller is within the maximum range of the limitdistance mate.