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Reference sketch or sketches

Question asked by Teru Teru on Apr 29, 2019
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Hi all out there.

This may be a newbie question, but until now I couldn't find/guess a good answer.


I'm working on a rather complex multiple parts assembly (it must be an assembly due to movement analysis).


I'm trying to create a couple of reference sketches, in front and top planes, to drive dimensions and geometrical relationships between several parts of the same assembly.


The only solution I could find up to now is to create a part, with the two or three refernece sketches, each sketch in its corresponding plane, and then copy it as a start for every assembly part. It makes easier to modify, i.e. a distance between two axes, or the width of all related parts.


But the modifications have to be replicated in the same sketch of every concerned part.


I wonder if there is a more simple method to control such relationships,