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Standalone Report Template - key characteristics export & IXFooterRow functionality

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Apr 29, 2019
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I have been attempting to customise our inspection report templates, both for Standalone and Add-in


Some of the intended functionality was to:

  • Have the report auto-expand length-wise (rows) as needed - Utilise IXFooterRow Functionality, Should be easy enough
  • Make the Characteristics extracted display their number and whether or not they are "key" i.e. "k9" instead of "9" for example. - Utilise the appropriate tokens for each template (ideally within the software not with extra macros or hidden columns etc)
  • I have used the "Large Logo Template" as a jumping off point in the template designs


I have managed to do this successfully with the Add-in template. Quite straight forward.

See below for quick reference




However when trying to replicate this in the standalone template, utilising Standalone specific token syntax, there are some issues.

  • No matter what standalone token I use, I cannot get the system to extract the "k" in front of the respective characteristic
  • IXFooterRow functionality does not work despite setting it up as per the help instructions, the extracted characteristics just blast through the footer row
  • I have read through this post but cannot really think of a way to get the correct syntax for my situation
  • I have also tried several balloon tokens (see below image) and they do not seem to extract anything more than just the balloon number....not whether it has the "k" in front of it
  • Please see below for reference




Currently using:

SW 2016 SP 5.0

SW Inspection 2016


Screenshots, templates and reports are attached for your reference and tinkering



  1. is it possible to naively extract "key" characteristics with the "k" to reports within standalone? or is this only in Add-in?
    1. Please let me know if this is possible in maybe a later version of SW Insp. as we are on 2016 but will go to 2019 soon
  2. is there a different syntax for IXFooterRow functionality in Standalone templates?



Any ideas are welcome

Thank you


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