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Change Origin and Base planes orientation

Question asked by Miguel Soares on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2019 by Toft Bill

I've tried to search this problem of mine, but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted (at least the full solution), so here it goes:


The standard SW template defines the Y direction as the vertical one. I'm am designing a car and want the Z to be the vertical direction, the X the longitudinal and the Y the lateral.

I learned that I can "Set current view as..." and change which one is the front view. After that, to match everything I can also change the Base planes names. (How to Change Orientation of an Existing SOLIDWORKS Part - Computer Aided Technology )


But the last thing, the one that bothers me, is that when I start a sketch on let's say, the (new) Front plane (x = 0) , SW just rolls the view. I recorded my screen and attached it here so you can better understand. How can I make that when I start that sketch on the Front plane the view doesn't get rolled with the Z direction ending up to the left?