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Does anyone have experience with "Redline for SOLIDWORKS" ?

Question asked by Tim Benson on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by Chris Saller

We recently were looking for online markup tools to work with 3D PDFs and/or SW drawings and/or eDrawings. It was suggested to us to look at a product called "Redline for SolidWorks". I was able to contact them via their website and subsequently purchases 2 licenses. The the nightmare began...


The software installation was basic, straightforward stuff. But I soon discovered there is NO documentation for the product - no guides, no help docs, nothing. Also, I realized that there was no way to contact their "lifetime technical support" (as written in the sales quote) other than a SINGLE email address - there are no telephone numbers anywhere to be found. Eventually I was able to get an email response and they helped with some small issues. Then came a period of about 2-3 weeks where there was no response via email (and again, no way to contact them via email). Finally, I heard from them and they apologized for the lapse, but explained it off as they were at SWW2019 (you do have email at these things, right?), and the guy told me they have a weird email system, etc., etc. I was happy to have his attention so I let it go and for about another week or two, they were very responsive and answered a lot of questions and I had it working pretty well. Then we tried to use the SolidWorks integration. Back to the nightmare...


The last time I heard from this company was March 18th - over 6 weeks ago! I have written them several times during this period - never any response. So, now I'm stuck after spending $900 for two licenses and the software doesn't work and they have dropped off the face of the Earth.


Has anyone had any experience with this company or product? If anyone has any knowledge of how to contact them I would be ever so grateful!


Tim Benson

Waters Corporation