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Sheetmetal bend parameters report

Question asked by John Christensen on Apr 26, 2019

Sheetmetal bend parameters report

There was a question recently about a sheetmetal part,
where the flat pattern was incorrect, and the cause was faulty sheetmetal
parametersettings. The solution was simple, go into the settings, correct
those, be aware of the ramifications of each setting, their uses, how to

enable or disable, and be done.However - the one thing
that really messed me up early on was the shear number of those settings, and
in getting them to all jive to what our intent was. The intent was to use one
thickness and radius throughout, with one system of bend allowance, and in the
end - make it so. The reality was, it was unreliably so. Some setting somewhere
would throw the flat off. In the attached example the error is blatant. A lot
of times though it wouldn't be so obvious. I relied on a secondary check in the
form of a spreadsheet with entered parameters (that I could see, all at once,
in a readable format) that included a resultant flat length to compare to. Too
many times the spreadsheet and model would not match, and I would be left
searching the SW file for which parameter to correct. Over time, I finally
settle on a macro that would grab ahold of the SW model, and make it so.
Override all of the parameters that pertained, and gain some level of
confidence again without having to search the tree over and over and over.

The sheetmetal paramters macro that comes with SW-help
does give a small report on sheetmetal parameters. I expanded that to include a
way to enter data and overwrite all driving parameters to allow either Kfactor
or BendDeduction entries. It ends up that BendDeduction

was the most reliable for me. And the sheetmetal
"subfeatures" were the ultimate drivers regardless of all others. It
relies on bend radius and thickness, both of which I enter, once, manually in
the macro, and produces a correct flat based on BendDeduction overrides regardless
of what the other model settings are.

The question is:

Given the attached model, I noticed that the 2" bend
allowance did not show up in the report. If it did, red flags would go up, and
an indication of where to start looking for discrepencies. Is there, or has
anyone written, a nicely organized report form, that would allow a complete
visual of sheetmetal bend parameters in a SW model, and allow for an organized
way of entering or overriding parameters. And eliminate the need to search
large numbers of possible parameter entries and/or varify that settings have
been made correct. I get along with what I have (the macro and spreadsheet),
but in this case it would not help, the 2" bend allowance would not show
up, and the alternative would be to do a thorough search, or a mass overwrite
with the macro.