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How can I get PDM to automatically populate a rev table following company standards?

Question asked by Geoff Allard on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by Ants Palgi

I am wondering if anyone has any insight on how to setup PDM with actions and perhaps even conditions to automatically populate a "dumb" rev table that is part of our company sheet format? I've had a little bit of success setting up linked notes and mapping them to variables but I am struggling to get the revisions to behave in the way we have done when entering them manually.


We have other CAD users that aren't using SW and we want our drawings to have the same appearance, which is why our table looks the way it does.


I've seen a document that talks about a "rolling revision table" but that falls a little short of what I'm trying to pull off here because it always places the new rev at either the top or bottom of the table and then moves the old ones up or down. We actually want our revs to stay where they are but add the new ones to the line above and then only start rolling if the table gets full.


I have attached a .pdf to demonstrate how our table progresses through a project's life cycle. It's very cumbersome to have to manually enter all this info, especially on a multi-page drawing. The examples I put in the attachment were just typed into the cells for demonstration only (no PDM involvement) that's why I just attached a .pdf.


We use SOLIDWORKS 2019 (currently SP 2.0) on Windows 10, 64-bit systems. We also have PDM Professional 2019.