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SolidWorks and SolidWorks PDM connection question

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Apr 25, 2019
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                There are times where some of us keep temporary assembly files in a folder on the c: drive, NOT in the local vault view of PDM, so just a folder created on the c: drive.  This assembly will be deleted at a later time, not intended for checking into the vault system


                Of course, these assemblies will also contain files that exist in the vault, some we may have checked out to modify. 




There are times we have seen if we have an assembly existing outside of the vault, and have a part checked out in the PDM Vault, and we open the assembly, then open the checked out part, the checked out part opens read only.  If I open the part first, then the external assembly then the part is in the normal write mode.



                Have you seen a situation like this?


                I have always been able to get the users where they need to go, but can be a pain to do different workarounds.  Sometimes it is just a matter of reloading the part and deselecting the read only option, other times I have to do as noted above opening the part first, then the external assembly.