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The great IDEA Video capture during the current session.

Discussion created by David Matula on Apr 25, 2019
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I have some little things that have been driving me nuts with SolidWorks for years.  One has been the printer interface. 

then there are other times when you can have a problem and by the time that tech support does a screen share with you everything is working great. 

      I think that it would be great if we could do a video capture by just hitting a button and that would start recoding the screen in SolidWorks.  Then send that video to tech support so they can see the problem when it happened cause we all have had it happen where it works great, when someone is there watching, and then as soon as they go away the problem comes back. 


There is the sw rx but that makes you stop shutdown, and restart solidworks to do video.  then when you capture the problem if you can repeat it you have to get out of the program.  When you have assemblies that take 3 to 5 min to open it takes some time.