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file size 4.9M file

Question asked by Gary Hamm on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by Alex Lachance

I have this model and we have over more than 3000 configurations in it, the only difference is the length of the extrusion, and the custom properties such as part description.

the File is 4.9M we use the part to build our frames so we need all different sizes in 1mm increments.


My initial thought was to break it into separate models such as part-1_thru_500mm.sldprt then another Part-501_thru_1000mm.sldprt, and strip out all the other configs. but in my testing the file size actually grew when i did a save as copy and then deleted the other configs.

Any help on how to get this file size down to a more usable size. This is a single sketch fully defined and extruded.



Also I tried a config ripper Macro that i had found but the Files size grows with each config.


Any help on this would be appreciated, be simplifying the geometry on this one is not an option, as its used for mating.