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Does the Graphics Card help Drawing performance?

Question asked by Peter Kuhn on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by Justin Pires

We are looking at new PC's and comparing the P2000 vs the P4000.  The P4000 is only a few hundred more.  We are on SW 2018SP5 and likely will not upgrade again until 2021.  I heard that the Graphics card can improve Drawing performance, but I am wondering by how much.  I haven't found anything definitive.


Our primary assemblies can have 3,000-5,000 parts and some process layouts can have 6-10 of these assemblies. Many of the parts were created long ago, and with the base part detail set high.  There are also a number of highly detailed parts downloaded from suppliers, especially that large warehouse supplier. Some machiens have a number of parts with engraved text. Nothing was cleaned up or simplified.


THIS WILL NOT CHANGE any time soon.  I know fixing these will speed EVERYTHING up.


Right now with M2000 cards, Windows 10 says they are not being pushed very hard.  Assemblies rotate well.  Drawings however can be a nightmare.


Does anyone know if better graphics cards, once you are in the midrange level will help the drawings much?  Would the difference between a P2000 and P4000 be noticeable?


I have a few side questions too.


Is there a macro or any method to bump the part part detail down for a large group of parts?

I've heard configuration increase load times, but what about configurations for a simplified model, and a detailed one, or engraved text shown for individual drawings, but not shown for assembly drawings?  I would think the overall time savings for a simplified configuration would be beneficial.