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Possible for Dispatch script to return results in a batch versus by each file?

Question asked by Chris Manger on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Ulf Stockburger

I have a Dispatch script that checks if a file has certain custom properties, if it doesn't, a message box is displayed for the user stating what is missing.  This script works on all files being transitioned.  For each file, a separate message box is displayed.  If say, 100 files are transitioned and 20 files have an issue, the user will receive 20 message boxes, then the transition will cancel.

Is it possible to return the data I am displayed in a single message box versus individual message boxes?



Here is the structure of my Dispatch script:

For all documents - Block START

Jump - IF custom property XX = XX THEN GOTO Match

Jump - IF custom property XX != XX THEN GOTO NoMatch

Label - NoMatch

OK Messagebox - "Message to user  - file xxx custom property xxx = xxx, should be xxx"

Cancel SOLIDWORKS PDM command - TRUE

Label - Match

End for all documents - Block END