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Conversion of part file to parasolid within Assembly

Question asked by Prasanna Ashok on Apr 23, 2019
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I have a question on Part replacement in as assembly.


Say I have an assembly file with "XX" part. This "XX" part is created in SW and has proper tree structure. Now I want to hide the tree of "XX" part. So I'm converting "XX" part to Parasolid file. Then I'm saving the parasolid file to .sldprt format with same "XX" name. Now I'm trying to replace the existing "XX" part with the new "XX" part.Though the surfaces remain the same, the mates fail. Mates with respect to Planes regenerate but mates with respect to surface fails. Is there any option to fix this? Or any better option to hide the structure from a part?



Idea is to hide the tree structure and just show as imported model before sending to the vendor. At the same time, I cannot convert the entire assembly to Parasolid file. I want to convert only few parts in an assembly . Is any option available to do this? I'm not sure of any direct option in Solidworks 2018, 2019?

Please suggest.


Thank you in advance.