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PDM/Dispatch: Simultaneous PDF Check In/Out with SLDDRW file.

Question asked by Dusty Klinect on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by Dusty Klinect


     We recently implemented PDM and I'm rolling with the changes. In summary, I am hoping to use the Dispatch add-in to help with our process. I would like dispatch to check out the PDF associated with a SLDDRW file when the SLDDRW file is checked out. We'd make any changes, save the PDF and then check the SLDDRW back in and I would like Dispatch to then check the PDF back in as well.


This would save a ton of time navigating windows explorer to find the file and check it in and out.




Is it possible to include the PDF in the "check in/out" prompt that opens when opening solidworks files for editing. I'm not sure if I have a broken reference, or if PDM was never designed to include PDF files as referenced files since they aren't native to solidworks.


Please advise.