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BOM quantity

Question asked by Kevin Casey on Apr 22, 2019
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I am working with a BOM that has multiple configurations: Assembly steps 1, 2, 3 etc. These are used to populate balloon call outs throughout the assembly document.


The BOM has the columns: Item No.;  QTY; Description; etc. I am attempting to get the QTY column to show the configuration name and then QTY as is normally would. In the past that column would title itself Default/QTY from the assembly configuration. I have renamed the configuration to the assembly number, but the assembly number is not showing. And all of the columns for the quantity for each configuration just read QTY. I would like them to read STEP 1/QTY; STEP 2/QTY; etc.


I have looked on the help instructions and it said:

Setting a BOM Column Heading to Quantity


To set a BOM column heading to Quantity if your BOM does not already have a Quantity column:

  1. Select Quantity from the Column Type list.
  2. Select configurations from the Configurations list.


If I add a new column the "Quantity" is not in the selection of the drop down.


Can anybody help with this?